Stars don’t shine as they used to,
it doesn’t rain as it used to,
you no longer call to say hi,
how boring you are becoming,

When the stars twinkled,
you would admire the starlight,
and listen to the classics,
to soothe your tired mind,

Oh yes,
every day was an adventure,
every risk, worth taking,
since forever wasn’t promised,

You say it’s the flavours of youth,
that passed like a river,
that now you have responsibilities,
bound to them you are,

Take me back,
to when you believed in tomorrow,
to when you had time for friends,
to when you wrote memories on stone,

Oh dear,
a voyage is fun when enjoyed,
we made stunning memories,
lived lives to remember,

To pray I do,
you realise your work is but a distraction,
the plains need to know you,
and the springs need to feel you,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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