Fever, Chills, Headache,
What more doc do you need?
It’s clear I once again caught Malaria,
I can’t say I’m scared because you treat, God heals,
but each time I get the medication another dies from lack of it,
In a place where food is a luxury,
Medical help a dream,
WHO’s strategy due 2030,
and a vaccine covers today’s headlines,
Oh doc! Who else got Anaemia ?
Who else isn’t breathing properly?
Sub -tropical areas envied till a time like this,
where poverty looms enough to swallow masses,
affording nets a price to pay,
repellants gotten but sacrificing a days meal,
but till when?
Doc, isn’t it wrong for me to lament of my ailments,
while my brother waits to depart?
tiny creatures, Mosquitos,
carrying plasmodium each time they visit,
the water we forgot to drain, their habitat,
our lacks of nets,
gives them the opportunity to taste different flavors of blood,
something we cant get rid of unless we play our part,
we can no longer wait for aid,
if we cant start by draining still water,
another year with malaria day,
our scientists will tells us more,
and if the vaccines can be free.
A lovely Malaria day to my fellow,
believers in change.

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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