So I’ve heard,
Our secrets revealed,
Our lair unearthed,
Oh my, what did you do?

You promised to direct them to Venus,
but your honesty played us,
they are at my doorstep,
persistently knocking,

a promise is a debt,
a debt shalt thou pay?
spilling and breaking a covenant,
do I even talk to you?

destroyed you they did,
but maybe I’ll be loved,
I am not a traitor,
you aren’t a promise keeper,

Their cause too appealing,
I’m afraid I shall,
honey is the taste of the tongue,
bitter your lies,

Their satellites at the horizon,
taking pictures too many,
I guess its normal for you,
being the center of it all,

Oh! dear Earth,
they say my force is great,
Why is that?
Is food water?


Hush! listen!
I too was that gullible,
but not every gem bears fruit,
avoid them like the plague,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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