For once you were limited,
Choosing not to dream,
You chose the redundancy,
Eat sleep eat sleep some more,

Sunflowers no where near the best,
They have not vases,
Unlike the roses …the apple to your eye,
Pretty like a star yet enclosed like a deadly virus,

Sweet is the bee’s honey,
Sour and bitter is its sting,
Like the fly’s life in a pit,
The luxury of contentment,

Men paid their ransoms,
Women their applauds,
Showered by anything and everything,
Depending on perseverance,

Unlimited do the extra ordinary,
The rest the monotony,
Better ain’t right if best is around the corner,
Choose not to work and eat for fish,
But kneel and pray for chicken.

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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