When a king is born,
The finest linen is chosen for him,
The entire kingdom sings and dances in joy,
The palace security enhanced by the guards,

A king whose name is already known,
A king whose future is well laid out,
And assured of a 6 figure salary,
He wouldn’t worry about making decisions for he has advisors,

At 10 years the king becomes bilingual and praised for it,
Yet many children are bilingual by the age of 2 yet aren’t recognised,
His garments perhaps might be worth more if not double the total assets of a common man,

When our dear king is 20,
He is already driving a car that is his birthday gift,
Our king is now able to wash a cup,
Something learnt by the age of 6,
But who is to question for he is our king,

My king how good life is to you,
For you never learn the value of work,
You never worry about food,
Nor do you ever see the need to be courteous,
But who is to question for the haves and have not can never be equal.

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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