The sun rose again and drove away the darkness,
But what if the darkness was of more value than the sun?
For if the darkness prevailed we wouldn’t see the ugliness in our society,

The sun was overhead at noon,
Bright enough to make one blind,
Sent it’s heat to give us the unneeded discomfort,
Yet made the children happy,

The sun set at dusk, leaving a feeling of emptiness,
We were not yet ready for the cold night,
But it still set to prove that we had no control over it,

The darkness crept in and awakened the howling wolves,
And all the doors were shut,
Allowing silence to loom in the now empty streets,
As us as mankind crept into our beds to recharge for next day,

Not certain if the clouds will cover the sun when it rises,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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