The skin that covers our outside,
Can give people an impression of who you are,
While the bones in our inside,
Covers many wonders unseen with the human eye,

Our outside can tell our origin,
And can tell why you and I are different,
Whereas the inside holds one truth,
A truth that makes the rich and poor one,

The outside that helps us keep up with the beauty standards that come and go like seasons,
The inside that stores fear, strength and hope that needs not any standards,

So often we are defined by the outside,
Waiting for the mirror to tell us if we are ok or not,
Never wanting to reveal why we are just the way we are,
Always having the fear of the outside outshining the inside,
In which our perspective take a step higher,

Should the inside end it’s battle of trying to outsmart the outside?

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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