There is beauty in broken glass,
For it falls and forms a million pieces,
Pieces that can injure and deform our skin,
And pieces that can shine upon reflection of light,

Through broken glass we see a million incomplete pieces,
And through it we see a million shapes an object can form,
It is only through broken glass we see the impossibility of our existence,
And through it we see that one mind isn’t enough to build a nation,

Broken glass can tell tales of how Babylon was destroyed,
And even how Dubai was born,
The tiny pieces can give us reasons to die,
And the tiny pieces reasons to keep pushing on,

Art by Joy Kirima

Seeing a glass fall and break can enlighten us to see how a small wrong, can tarnish everything,
Seeing a glass break is also magical as you see an artpiece fall and create something much better, only in small bits,

Broken glass gives new perspectives depending on your point of view,
But also gives you the point of view you lacked,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.


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