In our towns metropolitan lies drugs,
not in bundles but in bags,
imported from the west,
a certain figure to avoid waste,

Approved by the president,
to be used by each resident,
away from the public places,
to avoid tattering his names,

The new drug is for a certain age,
for the users even have a badge,
adults wouldn’t use it even if they had a choice,
for their hearts would turn cold as ice,

Scientists lack a word for it,
for even they, are amazed by it,
doctors have thought of its cure,
but all they can offer is care,

In every block lies a boy or girl,
struggling to complete the drug,
in the beginning, it’s just fun during the day and crying it out at 3 am,
but sooner than later, resulting in depression,

The drug is commonly known as depression,
leading people to act out of desperation,
lacking the proper approach to it,
suicidal thoughts being the crown of it,

We’ve lost many to this drug,
and we are still losing more,
all we have is hope,
that the drug will go back to its origin,
and perish,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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