At only fourteen I began searching for the definition of home,
it took approximately six years for me to fully understand what home is and its essence,
And lo! I’m not talking about the structure,

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I’m talking about a place where you are accepted regardless of your age, colour,weight height status and character,
where you can make mistakes, learn from them and grow,
I’m talking about where you embrace your weakness as your flaws,
and where you embrace your weakness as strength,

On the verge of searching for the definition,
I realised I had wasted six years of my life,
at twenty I was filled with regret for looking for what was within,
Like how the prodigal son returned home after wasting his life,

But in my expedition, I also learnt something else,
to those who know the value of it never want to leave,
like the birds who love home so much that their mothers kick them out so that they explore the world,
But on the bright side, they may leave physically but not mentally,

For home is where the heart is,
it is where we find friends and family,
and where feet may leave but hearts dwell forever,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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