In a lone valley lies a peaceful village,
Too peaceful for the folks in it,
From that village we get the best
Of everything from land produce to the finest furniture,
Everyone wondered what practice that was in that village
So as trigger everyones eye,
So I ventured to the village in the valley to know know their secret to be such an outstanding village.

On arrival I was welcomed by young lads,
They took everything in my possession,and carried them,
They argued that it was uncouth for adults to
carry heavy load in the presence of children,
In shock I uttered no word as we went on,

It was pretty early so there was enough time to move around,
I moved from one stall to another getting exhausted by the minute,
Not from walking but from greeting almost everyone,
In my head I thought ,“Why don’t they mind their business?
Why greet every stranger you meet?
What’s the point of being kind to warewolves in sheep’s clothing?”

In the middle of my endless thoughts a woman approached me,
She seemed younger than I , yet so eloquent in her speech,
We engaged in the small talk and as soon as I knew her name we were heading on the same direction,
There I was, talking endlessly to a complete stranger,

It was about 15 minutes of a tête-à-tête and long walk that we arrived at the market,
We saw children happily cleaning the streets whole heartedly,
They were doing it in passion that would melt Hitler’s heart,
In the event of my surprise ,it soon dawned on me that they were street kids,
They always help in cleaning in order to get their basic needs,
I also learnt that they were doing it as a way of curbing the social evils such as drugs and alcohol,

The rest of the day I found out more about the village that shook me each time,
The citizens of that village were imparted with values and skills to prepare them for the future,
They all participated in building the nation and helping one another,
Moreover,they had a centralised system of governance that ensured the laws were favourable to everyone,

From such a short trip I learnt that no matter how had we tried ,the village in the valley will always be ahead of us,
Unless we take up some of their values to help our society grow.

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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