Today we’ll have a letter of a lover who gave all her love but got nothing in return.The main question is, why doesn’t the loved one appreciate the lover? Read more to find out…

Dear my love,

Hello, I too understand the pain of heartbreak just like the late Lord Egerton,
It’s saddening that I give my all to you, but you do nothing in return,
ever since I came into existence, my solemn duty was to protect you,
I have loved you more than I love myself,
Please just do the same for me since it’s not too late,

Do you remember on the 5th of June?
We took thousands of photos and shared them on your social media platforms,
Sadly, the next dawn, you erased all of them…
Then you went back to ignoring me.
When will you just love me?

A few brave people died for me,
They denied themselves almost everything just for me,
but you,my love , can’t stand me,
you don’t realize that love given out should be given back,
I only hope after reading my note, you will feel my presence in your life.

My love, as they say, “Never allow someone to be your priority while you are their option” but I can’t help myself,
You do not realize how close I am to you, maybe I am at your backyard, at your workplace or school,
You need me more than you can imagine though you don’t know how,
My only request is that you protect me from those who want to kill me,
Since I still want to keep on protecting you.

Sunset Nature Trees Wallpaper - NuWallpaper HD

Yours with love,

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.


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