So astonishing that one artist can come up with something that amazes almost the whole globe if not all of it. Artwork breathes life in a way words are unable to explain. It speaks a thousand and one words by just one glance at it.

One of the places art took me is Paris, France. By seeing the image of the Eiffel tower, I began a journey to Paris. On that day, I didn’t know what flight to take or the distance to be covered. All I recall is that within seconds I was in paris.

When I arrived at Paris and saw the tower,the first questions that came to my mind were, how can someone design something so beautiful ? What was the person thinking to come up with this structure?It was in Paris that I saw the prettiest of lilies ,roses and gourdon flowers.It is in Paris that I knew dreams come true if you believe.

The French cuisines and their dances were even better. I vividly remember when I went to BREIZH café, their Crêpes & Galettes were lipsmacking. Though it was first time trying it, I ended up loving it.What is better than having a meal with a dance show? The bouree and belle danse performance made one enjoy the meal more.

I remember dancing in the sun till dusk surrounded with flowers in front of the Eiffel tower.School kids ran up and about with balloons while others played hide and seek .An influx of people would pass by amazed by that artwork and would take photos making sure each photo had even a fraction of the tower.The breathtaking scenery just made people’s hearts melt with joy .

When Gustave Eiffel designed and had the layout of what he wanted, I wonder if he thought if it would fall or how much it would cost. Did he picture his second name being on the landmark of France? By him embracing art, he made a structure people would yearn to get a glimpse of. Oh ! Gustave, what crisscrossed his mind when he said this is what I want and not that.

That’s how I left home for Europe.I didn’t need any amount of money or vehicle to get there. It only took one person’s artwork to take me to a place that you can’t take less than eight hours to arrive. When I landed back home I asked myself why not embrace art. As art and creativity makes a spectacular combo.

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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