Poverty being one of the challenges in third world countries is more to just a word. As defined by the Cambridge dictionary, Poverty is the condition of being extremely poor. Poverty can limit a person with the will to change the world due to the lack of essential needs. Yet, stopping poverty is an uphill task.

Taking A Walk Into the Lives Of India's Street Kids : NPR

“Mama I’m hungry, my tummy hurts,” Anna cries to her mother.
However, her mom in return spent the day, not in a well-furnished office,
But in the streets begging for the amount of money available,
Only the few that sympathize with her give her a coin or two,
Later, in the cold night, they eat their dinner which is more of abattoir remains,
As they lay in the cold night waiting for dawn,

“Papa, it hurts, they took everything,” Anna cries louder than before.
Since it was the norm, survival for the fittest, everything Anna had was taken.
Moreover, she received a thorough beating from the older gangsters,
Her dad could do nothing to help out his poor daughter,
but to empathize with her,

Poor Anna, at only eleven she was recruited into a gang,
From stealing to abusing liquor, marijuana and other hard drugs,
It is heartbreaking to see a smart kid like Anna, carjacking and sniffing glue,
If only allowed to go to school she could’ve changed the world,

Maybe even come up with the most advanced inventions,
Anna’s fate was laid out before her, that she’d die before her time,
misuse of the marijuana led to her untimely death,
maybe we are to learn from her the sad truth in it,
that the poor will remain poor and the rich get richer,
What if she was given an opportunity in life, would her story be better?

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.


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