Tokio, La Casa de Papel

After completing the second season of money heist, I was moved to write about it. In general I wasn’t able to write on all of it since my focus was on Tokio considering a number of factors. I may even say she is among the main characters and also among my favorite. La casa de Papel is a moving series on the robbery of the mint of Spain. Believe it or not it’s one of the best movies by Netflix.

Tokio, you joined the heist,
pretty much as a game.
since your mum sold you out,
for the crimes you committed,
Oh Tokio, why! why!

The Professor called unto you,
a strange man you never met,
a man with no records of crime,
yet you choose to trust him,
Oh Tokio, why! why!

Furthermore, you meet Nairobi,
a fellow gangsta like you,
but her kid in a foster home,
due to the mother’s crime,
Oh Tokio, why! why!

Despite all that you get a lover,
15 years younger than you,
Tell me Tokio, what makes you
do that?
just because your life was a mess,
Oh Tokio, why! why!

You get into trouble with Berlin,
not forgetting Moscow too,
Tokio your face is tracked,
as one of the thieves,
Oh Tokio, why! why!

Tokio when you get out,
what will you do,
will you dance till dusk?
or will you sing in the rain?
with the sums of money you get.

By Joy Kirima.

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Still learning more under the sun.

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